Exterior - Elaine Koch
Landscape view- Elaine Koch
Far view External - Elaine Koch
External view - Elaine Koch
Road - Elaine Koch
House Front view - Elaine Koch
House Side view - Elaine Koch
Beige House Front - Elaine Koch
Red House with Flag - Elaine Koch

First Impressions are Everything

One of the Secrets to Elaine’s Success:  Elaine’s ASP staging certification ensures your home shows top notch and sells for top dollar.  All of Elaine’s homes are professionally staged by Elaine and her Staging Consultants.

Elaine’s homes sell on average for $13,000.00 more than the competition.

Buyers typically make up their minds within 10 seconds of seeing a home, making every sight, sound, and smell critical from the moment they step through the front door. Sellers who take the time to thoroughly stage a home, give it a competitive advantage over homes with little or no staging.

A sample of our work:

staging home

Staged homes:

  • Sell 88% faster and net 17% more than non-staged homes
  • Are essential for impactful online photography and video, since 89% of buyers start their home search on the web
  • Have a competitive edge over homes that have not been staged

Learn more about staging your home with our valuable resources: 6 easy things to remember while staging