Exterior - Elaine Koch
Landscape view- Elaine Koch
Far view External - Elaine Koch
External view - Elaine Koch
Road - Elaine Koch
House Front view - Elaine Koch
House Side view - Elaine Koch
Beige House Front - Elaine Koch
Red House with Flag - Elaine Koch

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The Elaine Koch Group offers an attentive and enthusiastic team of professionals who are committed to proactively finding you a new home. We are proud to have become the #1 real estate team in Maryland through market savvy and a true passion for customer satisfaction. We live and work in the markets we serve. Our clients are our neighbors.

Our goal is to assist you every step of the way and oversee all of the fine details from the start of your home search all the way through to settlement. Elaine and her Group will represent you and your best interests at all times.

Ten great reasons to buy now!

  1. Houses are priced right
  2. Interest rates are still historically low
  3. Sellers are motivated
  4. The market has normalized and prices are still stable. But will it be the same tomorrow?
  5. Negotiations are in your favor
  6. Same dream home would have cost you more last year
  7. Good properties sell quickly
  8. Builders are offering incentives
  9. Rental prices are on the rise
  10. Good time for an investment which you can turn around in a few years for profit

Interested in getting started and need help crunching the numbers? Please contact Tom Wessel to assist you with assessing your financial needs.

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