Exterior - Elaine Koch
Landscape view- Elaine Koch
Far view External - Elaine Koch
External view - Elaine Koch
Road - Elaine Koch
House Front view - Elaine Koch
House Side view - Elaine Koch
Beige House Front - Elaine Koch
Red House with Flag - Elaine Koch

Choose a Local Lender that You Can Trust


Find out what you qualify for:

Consider the importance of partnering with a good loan officer. Make sure you choose a lender that you feel comfortable with.  Your lender will work with you to review your finances and inform you about all of the types of mortgages you qualify for.

You should always ask a lender that you are considering working with, the following questions:

  1. What is your process for getting me a mortgage?
  2. What kind of loans do you recommend?
  3. Do you specialize in a certain kind of product?

Interested in getting started and need help crunching the numbers?  Please contact Tom Wessel to assist you with assessing your financial needs.

Tom Wessel